A heart-warming winter wedding

newlywed couple in a wintery landscape embracing and looking into each other's eyes smiling

It was on December 23 that Amandine and Florent concretized their 11 years of relationship by saying "I do" at the town hall in front of all their relatives. The couple, who met when they were both 17 and 18 years old, have been in perfect love ever since and it is therefore as a matter of course that their wedding was welcomed by family and friends.

Our lovely young couple had chosen a chic and vintage theme for their wedding, a romantic theme that, combined with floral touches such as the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere, brought that touch of elegance and refinement to their secular ceremony.

For her bridal accessories, Amandine was looking for something chic and romantic to dress up her old money bridal outfit and go with this elegant fur shawl. It's towards Atelier Lilac that she placed her trust. She chose to illuminate her face with a golden floral touch. "No regrets, it shines like gold!" were her words. What an honor for us to have been able to sublimate her! Seeing her glow in these beautiful black and white wedding photos, wearing our Suave earrings fills us with joy. These dangling earrings composed of a flower and its stem with small leaves in crystals, perfectly highlight her elegant neckline. Hairstyle-wise, Amandine knew how to combine sobriety and femininity and create a refined and distinguished look by opting for a low tail.

Our bride and groom captured hearts with a ceremony and a wedding that exuded love. In a retro convertible car, they greeted the crowd and started the wedding procession to launch the day of festivities! A new beginning filled with happy emotions for the young couple!

Jeunes mariés s'en allant dans leur voiture vintage arborant le bouquet de la mariée fiérement

Amandine and Florent's wedding may inspire future brides who also plan to say "Oui" at the town hall in a retro chic style. All our floral creations will sublimate you by bringing freshness and romanticism to your outfits. For Amandine and Florent, it is their undeniable complicity and their contagious love which gave to this winter landscape a warm and sunny air of happiness.

newlyweds holding hands and looking into each other's eyes with a smile

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