A tropical vibe for our 2022 collection of bridal jewelry and hair accessories

Updated: Oct 20

Blonde bride with romantic bridal dress sat in a bush of green plants

A few weeks ago, we shared with you, our brides and future brides, our brand new 2022 Collection. A collection that we had been preparing for a while and that was inspired by the sea and its beach, flowers, and designed with a joyful melody in the background, reminding us of the summer heat. And it is naturally that we chose to stage this new collection in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, this city which is dear to us, welcomed us at the beginning of the year for a dreamy 2022 inspiration photoshoot for our greatest pleasure.

Seaside inspiration and festive atmosphere

This year, a unique destination attracted us for the shooting of the 2022 collection. Indeed, Brazil and its culture have always had a special place in our hearts. This immense country with its diverse landscapes, its long miles of beaches, its Amazonian forest, its waterfalls, its vast desert sand dunes, its majestic mountains and all its lively cities have always fascinated us and attracted us for many exploration trips. Beyond these breathtaking landscapes, we can easily say that the festive Brazilian culture and especially the carioca fashion inspired our new collection. With a bohemian chic style, with an emphasis on natural materials and handmade, floral patterns to recall their tropical nature, it is while listening to bossa nova and imagining our brides at the beach that we came up with the accessories and jewelry of the 2022 collection. You will find a line of minimalist and bohemian pieces with natural baroque pearls and mother-of-pearl as a key element recalling the ocean and the beach, as well as a line of more romantic flowery wedding accessories of a flora that emancipates itself and blooms in spring.

The perfect union of jewelry and hair accessories

Many of you have asked us to make custom accessories for your wedding pandemic in 2021, recovery of a wedding season almost intact! We noticed that you wanted to match all your jewelry pieces together for a total harmonious look on the day of your wedding ceremony. It is on this premise that we thought of and created the 2022 collection. Thus, you will be able to choose among even more sets according to the theme of your wedding and the style of your dress.

The new collection is composed of two lines of jewelry sets that will complete your wedding outfit to perfection. Whether it is for your civil wedding with our more minimalist and modern line or for your religious ceremony with our floral and romantic line, you will find jewelry sets including earrings, bracelets, back necklaces or necklaces but also combs, barrettes and hairpins to remind the small details of your jewelry in your hair.

The delicacy of our jewelry sets will contrast with a sober and modern outfit such as an ivory colored off-the-shoulder suit or wear our jewelry to highlight the romantic details of your traditional wedding dress. Your jewelry is then the perfect opportunity to reveal your femininity and add sparkle to your look.

Here are our highlighted sets. Discover back necklaces, necklaces, wedding earrings and bracelets in sweet harmony as well as combs, crowns, hairpins or vines that add charm to your hairstyle while remaining in harmony with your wedding jewelry.

A dedicated team for a perfect day

3 hair stylists preparing the bride on a beach

To prepare for this day of collection shooting, we had to call on carioca professionals to assist us in our first photo shoot in Brazil. Not only did we have to find the team but also the places that would best represent what we wanted to convey through our new collection. For the modern and boho line, we quickly chose the iconic beach of Rio, Ipanema and its two mountains in the background, a postcard that has crossed generations with the modernization of Brazil since the 30s. For the other, more romantic, we chose a villa on the heights of Rio, with a garden of palm trees and tropical plants that would remind us of the romantic and floral side of the rooms.

We then chose Ciça as a makeup artist and hair stylist to sublimate the beautiful Aline Fontes with our hair accessories, Lucas Mendes as the photographer to highlight the bride and our creations, and to immortalize the graceful movements of Aline and the beautiful scenery, the video director Bernardo Jardim. It is thus at 4 am, before the sunrise, that the team decided to meet. An appointment at dawn to enjoy the first rays of the sun and every moment of peacefulness on the popular beach of Ipanema. A meticulous organization and a perfect execution on a bossa nova tunes that went together perfectly the most delightful day in this mythical setting.

The result of a project that was close to our hearts and that we hope will seduce and inspire you for your wedding, whether it is imminent or you do not even have a date yet :-) Don't hesitate to send us your comments, we will be happy to take them into account for our next collections of bridal accessories!

Photography : Lucas Mendes

Hair & Makeup : Ciça Makeup

Model : Aline Fontes

Video : Bernardo Jardim

Jewelry & Hair Accessories : Atelier Lilac


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