Find your bridal jewelry and bridal hair accessories for your civil wedding

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

You are looking for the ideal accessories to perfect your civil wedding outfit? You cannot make up your mind between chic or bohemian wedding earrings ? Sobriety and simplicity is the new trend, ladies! You won't go wrong with a modern and subtle bridal look that will make you look elegant and sophisticated at your civil wedding. That's why we've created an entire collection of wedding jewelry and wedding hair accessories for all your bridal outfit styles, one more modern and chic than the other, and which we discover throughout the weeks with your beautiful secular ceremonies.

Some beautiful earrings designed for your civil wedding

Femininity, sobriety, and a lot of delicacy, these were the ingredients that inspired us to prepare for you this collection of modern and minimalist earrings, which will bring class and sobriety to your wedding outfit. Whether you choose a modern wedding dress or a short, flowing gown with sleek lines or even an avant-garde pantsuit or jumpsuit, the earrings from the Minimalist collection will be the perfect piece of jewelry to complete your modern bridal look. Take away the breath of your wedding guests and future husband or wife with this classy earrings collection !

Using natural materials for quality earrings

You wish to find unique and quality wedding jewelry for your ceremony? Natural materials are what dreams are made of, the quality of what nature has best to offer. These natural jewels have been the focus of these new modern wedding jewelry designs. You will find a combination of cultured pearls mounted on metallic pieces in 925 silver base and plated in 18k or 24k gold. With their contemporary style, all these white pearl earrings are in tune with the current trends and are suitable for any occasion, highlighting your femininity. You will be able to reuse them endlessly for your nights out and special events for an unfailing elegance.

Choose a class and sleek design for your wedding jewelry

For the confident, classy, elegant bride-to-be who is determined to marry the person she loves at her civil wedding, we have designed these wedding earrings with clean lines and artistic, abstract shapes, like the Artistique earrings, Avant-gardiste earrings and Abstraite earrings. From beaded hoop earrings to fine chains or dangling white pearls, the white and pearly designs in this collection will adorn your face with natural light for an ultra-modern and refined wedding outfit. Can you imagine yourself sporting these beauties going down the aisle with your fancy wedding jumpsuit?

Our favorite bridal earrings from the collection

Let us tell you a secret. Made with natural materials, carefully chosen for your delight, we bring to light our favorite creation of this collection: the Danse à Deux earrings. If you want to know our opinion, these beautiful dangling earrings, bohemian yet chic and refined bridal earrings, are the perfect accessory to complement a sleek wedding outfit, a jacket/pant combinaison, a spring theme or any other sophisticated look ! These bridal earrings are made with natural cultured pearls of different sizes, strung one behind the other for a raw look that illuminates your face.


You have already chosen your wedding jewelry but are stuck on your bridal hairstyle? Many brides-to-be who have chosen a contemporary and modern style for their civil wedding and secular ceremony go for a loose hair style, natural, wavy or with a modern blow-drying by adding a wedding hair accessory. Civil wedding hair accessories include headbands, Alice bands and minimalist barrettes or hair clips and we have prepared several pieces and models that will accessorize your hairstyle and adorn your head in a way that gives a natural style that chic effect.

Discover below our gorgeous headbands: a series of metallic pieces assembled to form a crown of golden circles around the head, a minimalist and refined crown like a golden halo or the Romaine headband and its chains hanging along your shoulder.

You will also find barrettes or hair clips, the ultimate modern bridal hair accessory. These head jewels allow you to transform any simple hairstyle, half tail or ponytail, as well as more complex hairstyles such as a bun into unique, elegant and sophisticated hairstyles. Our circle, spiral or "Yes" barrettes accessorize your hair effortlessly! Plus, you can reuse them for all your everyday looks. Put that hair clip in your hair and you're ready for any occasions! Our 24k gold plated hair clips handmade by our goldsmiths are of high quality and will be the final touch to all your hairstyles!

So now, which wedding jewels will you choose for your civil wedding ceremony? ;-)


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