Find your "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

A wedding tradition that stacks all odds in your favor.

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"... This tradition is among the most popular and followed wedding traditions in the world.

To bring luck and happiness to the bride and groom, this tradition wants the bride to wear on the day of the wedding ceremony:

- "something Old", bride and groom's past life as individuals until their union,

- something New", which symbolizes their future life together,

- something Borrowed" from a beloved family member or best friend, which will bring them luck,

- and "something Blue", as a sign of fidelity and purity.

Romance and tradition have fascinated us since we were little girls. Growing up with princesses tales and romantic comedies, we have always kept this old English tradition in mind, imagining the accessories, objects, gifts or other derivatives that we would use and wear at our wedding.

That's why we've created accessories and jewelry inspired by this timeless grandmothers' tradition, to help you in your search and let you take part in this sweet phrase that calls on your imagination.

For the "something old", and with our love for beautiful vintage things, we have always dreamed of arriving at church or city hall in a beautiful vintage convertible car in the theme of the wedding.

Hair Clip OUI

On the "something borrowed" part, we were briefed: our lovely mommy carefully saved her wedding veil in anticipation of her daughters' wedding! For her, looking elsewhere was out of the question! We leave it to your family and friends to share their happiness with you by lending you that little something that will make the difference!

This is where we come into play! We have created jewelry for you that will delight you with that "something blue". We have used natural stones with bluish shades or fine blue glass for the most romantic and harmonious look. Find among our collections of wedding accessories your little "something blue" with our dedicated filter!

From the finesse of our back necklace Ciel, necklace Azur, bracelet Claire and earrings Shapir, to the glamour of the back necklace Pure and the bohemian feel of the earrings Magique, you'll find the perfect blue piece for your wedding outfit!

Back necklace Ciel

Necklace Azure

Earrings Magique

Back necklace Pure

And of course, treat yourself to your "something new" on all our creations, available on our website and tailored made through the chat! :-)

Many of you ask us to create your dream piece to match your wedding dress. You inspire us and so we are constantly creating. We add new designs every day so don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our news and promotions!

And you, have you found your little something ?