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Thank You

How shall we start to say thank you? After a frightening year in 2020 both professionally with the closure of our businesses, extended remote working, insecurity in regards to Covid-19, and personally with forbidden family gatherings, your weddings cancelled, postponed, etc., we have seen a magnificent surge of mutual support and solidarity in 2021 to face this stubborn pandemic.

Indeed, many of you supported us, placed your orders without knowing if your ceremonies were going to be maintained, we shared a lot and reassured each other and managed to make the best of this year that ends (with some small restrictions still) brilliantly at the Atelier.

It was during the lockdown that we worked on the 2021 collection without knowing if it would ever see the light or if you would be able to enjoy and wear it. What a pleasant surprise was it to see that you welcomed it with open arms, to prepare your religious or civil weddings, but also for your daily outfits. With the lockdown lift in spring and the events becoming more and more certain, you have filled us with happiness with a lightning acceleration of orders. A very busy season for us, often with wedding dates very close together 😅 We worked hard in the workshop to produce and create your wedding accessories as quickly as possible, reducing our processing times to get your jewelry to you for your ceremony, and it was a pleasure to be able to help you feel beautiful and radiant for one of the happiest days of your life 💖

Many of you also shared their wedding pictures with us throughout the season and we couldn't be more grateful! You keep inspiring us to be able to offer you new creations that reflects our personality through your tastes. Seeing you happy, confident and in love is our best reward!

We wanted to thank you again for your unfailing support throughout the year, and look forward to seeing you wearing your Atelier Lilac accessories and jewelry in 2022!

Atelier Lilac future projects

We will continue to try and provide the fastest processing and making time possible. However, we still recommend that you order your wedding accessories and jewelry at least one and a half month before your ceremony, whether it is for an exchange or simply to avoid unnecessary stress. As the national post services are not the most reliable during national holidays or sales rush, we will look for a partnership with other carriers to deliver you even faster and more reliably in 2022.

A new year, a new collection! During this month of "vacations", we are actually preparing the shootings of the new collection in an exotic place that will charm and inspire you! We won't tell you more so as not to spoil the surprise, just that this collection will be accompanied by a new category of accessories for an even more complete and matching wedding outfit 😇


To our 2021 brides

Our sincerest congratulations! We wish you joy, love and happiness for your first year of married life and for all the years to come. We wish you a life as beautiful as your weddings have been this year. You made us dream with your beautiful wedding outfits complemented by our creations (sometimes even yours!) and we would like to thank you again for trusting us for your big day. We wish you all the best for 2022, thank you for allowing us to be part of your love story!

To our future Lilac brides

May your engagement be the beginning of a life filled with intense love and happiness!

You have taken the big step and you are going to start the organization of this exceptional event for this new year? We will be your side to accompany you in the choice of your jewelry and wedding accessories that will go with your wedding dress and wedding theme, and this during the 365 days of this year 2022 to help you make this adventure even more beautiful.


Heartwarming messages from the 2021 brides

"Hi I wanted to thank you for my wedding jewelry,🥰 they are beautiful again thank you✨"

Jennifer, november 2021

¨Super, jewelry in excellent quality and seller arranging and very nice, thank you for adding some more pearls for me, I highly recommend!!¨

Tsai-Ching, 8th dec. 2021

"Receiving this message just made me so happy! The star crown was one of my favorite pieces of my wedding day! I also used it for my baby shower (which was virtual in 2020) but it added exactly what I needed!

I hope to one day pass it on to my daughter!

I have great pictures where you can see the crown with more detail, I will search for them and send them to you as well.

Thank you so much!"

Jeannette, novembre 2021

¨The jewel is splendid and of an incredible elegance! Very neat shipping :)¨

Vitaly 11th dec. 2021

¨These will be perfect for my upcoming wedding. Had a little trouble tracking them all the way to Australia but they turned up within 3-4 weeks :) Worth the wait!¨

Charlotte, le 12 nov. 2021

¨Absolutely beautiful! The chain is flat which was a surprise because you cannot tell from the photos but it’s gorgeous and helps it catch the light! 🥰✨¨

Cecily le 02 déc. 2021