How you should enhance your back neckline with the perfect piece of jewelry

If you decided to go for a beautiful dress with a sublime neckline in the back, then you should seriously consider accessorising it with a beautiful back necklace or a dress jewellery. This way, you can emphasize the beauty of your outfit while enhancing your figure!

Let us introduce you to the different types of back necklaces, their main characteristics and show you what kind of necklines they are made for. After reading this article, you will be able to pick the right one according to your tastes and wishes. You will also be able to look for the back jewelry that you have been longing and dreaming for so long.

1. V-Shape

Both sober and discreet, V-shaped necklaces tend to become very trendy. This type of necklace does not have an opening, you just need to slip it around your head and you're done! It is easy to recognize because it delicately embellishes your back with a beautiful drop, stone, pearl or connector. On the front, a beautiful pearl or drop can also adorn your chest.

This type of necklace is just perfect to bring out a U-shaped or V-shaped neckline. V-shaped necklaces are mostly to be found in short or mid-length versions. However, the length can be adjusted according to the depth of your neckline.

One of the greatest advantages of V-necklaces is that there is no distinction between the front and back sides. So, you will be able to wear again it as a long regular necklace even once your wedding ceremony is over. This is a simple way to look elegant and delicate.

2. Y-Lariat

At first glance, you might think that this kind of back jewelry has the same look as a V-shaped back necklace, but there is a slight difference. In addition to adding an elegant and feminine touch to your back, it also has a chain extension that gently runs down the spine. Like V-necklaces, it often has a nice connector that dresses up the middle of the back. Most of the time, it is a pearl, a natural stone or a connector with crystals.

Please note that the length of the extension chain is always adjustable, so that it can be shortened to embellish a shallow V-neckline or, on the contrary, lengthened to enhance a plunging back neckline.

Being initially a V-necklace, the Y-shaped wedding back necklace has no opening. It simply has to be slipped around the head and then adjusted and stabilized on the front. We strongly recommend you to put on the necklace before doing your hair and make-up. Putting it on afterwards could possibly damage your hair or make-up.

3. Back drop

Back drops start at the base of the neck and end at the bottom of the back. Most of the time, the length of the hanging chain is decorated with several connectors or pearls. If you intend to enhance a plunging neckline or a halter, you just found the perfect jewel.

As starting at the very base of the shoulders, back drops are fitted with a clasp. The necklace therefore consists of two parts. The first part is identical to a regular necklace, while the second part is an extension that can be added onto the end of the first part and that then lies over the back.

One of the greatest advantages of this type of back collar is undoubtedly the fact that the hanging back part is removable. This allows you to wear the two parts separately, according to your needs. It means that you can reuse the necklace with an outfit with no back neckline, or that you can hang the chain extension onto another back necklace. Just think about your religious and secular ceremony. You could wear the necklace with your civil wedding dress and then add the chain extension for your religious ceremony. Has it ever been that easy to design your dream neckline?

Please note that all of our back necklaces with removable parts can be sold separately. Feel free to ontact us for more information.

4. U-Drape

What about revealing your back with a subtle U-drape necklace? These necklaces adorn your back with delicate chains. They are usually made up of several rows. We recommend you to opt for a U-drape necklace if you want to add a romantic and sensual touch to your wedding dress neckline. U-drap back necklaces can have side connectors used to link the different chains.

Like V and Y necklaces, U-drape back necklaces are slipped around the head. Once your wedding day is over, you will be delighted to wear this jewel as a necklace on numerous occasions. Can you imagine how happy you will be wearing this necklace again ?

5. Dress clip

Wedding dress jewelry is becoming more and more fashionable. And one easily understands why. It allows you to custom your wedding dress into a unique dress. This accessory is made up of small elements that are secured to your dress to give it an elegant, sophisticated and romantic touch. Whether you've opted for a simple, minimalist dress or fallen in love with a dress with lace or jewels, you'll always find a piece of jewelry to reveal all its beauty. And as you can already imagine, dress clips are the perfect solution to highlight your back, especially if the front neckline is not particularly deep. Dress clips work perfectly well with chokers or higher necklines.

How should you wear your dress clip? We advise you to place the clip directly after putting on your dress. This allows you to attached the jewel at the desired height. The dress clip has small hooks or clips that you can easily fix to your wedding dress without damaging it. Depending on the model, some clips have to be hung on the outer side of the fabric while others have to be fixed on the inner side so that the hook remains invisible.

This removable back jewelry can of course have many different shapes, it can be V, T or U-shaped, and can even have more complex shapes. No matter what shape your wedding dress back neckline is, this kind of clip always adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. If you plan wearing a butterfly back wedding dress, you may want to wear a beautiful drape chain. If you chose a dress with a slit or a drop neckline, we advise you to choose a chain with a beautiful drop pendant.

Now that you know the different styles of back jewelry, you probably have a better idea of what you are looking for. In order to find out which piece you will wear to enhance your amazing wedding dress, please take a look at our back jewelry section. You will find a wide selection of back necklaces and dress clips.

All our creations are handmade with love and tenderness. All our back necklaces are produced order-based. This means that we can adjust our necklace designs to your dress and measures so that it fits you perfectly. The front part of each necklace can be adapted to your preferences as well. Let us know what you want: will you choose a round pearl, a crystal, a connector or will you rather keep it simple and decide not to add anything on the front? Feel free to write us a short message or send us a photo of your dress so that we can ask you for the necessary measures in order to create a unique necklace that fits your wishes.

Is customization possible? Of course, and it would be a real delight to help you design the back necklace you've always dreamt of. Click on this link to contact us and tell us what you are looking for!