How to wear your hair down as your wedding hairstyle

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Each one of you has her own planning style, but when it's time to choose your wedding hairstyle, the first question that the hairdresser will ask you is: do you prefer loose hair, wedding bun hairstyle or a braid? If the wedding bun has long been the hairstyle of all traditions, today it has been replaced by the more bohemian and modern loose hair styles. Let's see together some tips to make your choice and ideas of wedding hairstyles of these past years.

Wearing your hair down for your wedding is just as romantic!

You already ticked your caterer off your wedding checklist, your theme, your venue, your wedding dress and now you're starting to wonder what style of bridal hairstyle will suit you best to shine all day? Don't hesitate! If your wedding is in a bohemian, romantic or modern style, a loose hair style will be perfect. In fact, this style, which may have seemed sloppy in the past, is now one of the most popular bridal hairstyles worn at wedding ceremonies. Whether short, medium or long, your hair is a sign of femininity, very natural, a fresh look, a trendy look that will dress your shoulders. Of course, you can add hair jewelry for a more fashionable and sophisticated touch.

Choose a hairstyle that suits you

Depending on your hair type, there are several options for a loose hair style. For a wedding hairstyle with long or medium hair down, if your hair is naturally wavy and thick, you can choose to leave it natural, with a small hair jewelry or bridal hair accessory such as a wedding comb, a headband, Alice band or tiara to adorn your head.

Wedding wavy hair styles ideas with Alice band or wedding crown

If you have straight and thin hair, it may be more difficult to hold a wavy style all day. Indeed, if your hair is not at least a bit wavy, your wavy hairstyle will slowly fade in a few hours. But don't be discouraged, a wedding Alice band can perfectly adorn your straight hair to keep that natural effect of your personality.

It doesn't matter your hair type for a half wedding tail or a bohemian braid. If you go for this style, these hairstyles will be perfect to surround your head with a little more work. By adding a hair accessory that fits your theme, you'll be able to give the final glamorous touch to your wedding outfit.

Wedding hair accessory to sublimate your bridal outfit

Your hairdresser's job is to give you the hair of your dreams for your ceremony. But why not help him/her with a little extra? How to accessorize your wedding hair ?

There are several kinds of accessories that are designed to enhance the bride's loose hair on their wedding day. Among these hair jewelry you will find crowns, headbands, hair vines on loose hair but also hair combs, hair clips and hair pins to wear in your half buns, half tails or simply on the side. Very simple easy, very romantic and feminine, get yourself the hair jewelry that matches your personality.

The best wedding hair styles with your hair down

Natural loose hair

You can't go wrong with your a natural look. A little trip to the hairdresser to refresh it all, a light makeup... Stay in your natural beauty, your simplest apparel, dressed in your bohemian and romantic wedding gown that will make you shine on your big day.

Hollywood hairstyles

Have you ever heard of Hollywood waves? That hairstyle has become a trend on the wedding scene. It will bring vintage charm and glam to your wedding outfit. It is characterized by notched and voluptuous waves with a glossy finish. Most often this hairstyle comes with a comb or barrette on the side to bring a final elegant touch.

The headband half hidden

Curly or wavy, your hair is wrapped around the bottom half of a chic headband. Moreover, this hairstyle will give the impression of wearing an Alice band. Alternatively, you can opt for the same hairstyle in a more "bun" version. You will have a chic bun for a bohemian and sophisticated wedding at the same time.

The half-tail hair styles

There are many variations and styles of half-tails. We present you the most classic and most styled among the brides. Whatever the style of the half-tail you can always accessorize your hairstyle. Place a comb in the back or on the side, wear a headband or a crown, place a hair vine or small pins to complement your braids or twisted strands.

The classic half-tail

It is all about tying up a part of the hair and pinning it back. For a more elegant and sophisticated effect you can add volume to the front. To bring softness and romance you can curl your hair slightly to have a wavy effect. A little hair jewelry can complement, at the back of your bridal hairstyle or on one side to bring a touch of elegance.

The twisted half-tail

This is the classic half-tail hairstyle with twisted locks that will bring romance and femininity to your bohemian look. Here are some examples of wedding hairstyles with hair jewelry to accessorize or bring a more sophisticated touch to your natural look.

The braided half-tail

Half-tail hairstyles go very well with braids. Whether it's a classic braid or a fishtail style, braids will bring elegance, romance and a fresh, youthful look to your bridal hairstyle. If you're keen on braids in general, don't hesitate to explore more complex and elaborate braids. Dare to have the hairstyle of your dreams on your wedding day!

The half-bun braid

And why not combine the modernity of the headband braid with the elegance of the bridal bun? You can combine the two and give that bohemian yet classic and traditional wedding look. Great hairstyle ideas to accessorize with little bun picks as you like!

Other loose hair wedding hairstyles ideas

For those who want to be more original and dare a less conventional hairstyle, we invite you to try the half-bun, the bow tie hairstyle, the braided headband with your own hair, the artistic braid, the rosette buns and the braided hearts. Here are some images that will inspire you to style your hair and accessorize it with our beautiful wedding hair jewelry!

Did you like the selection ladies? These are the types of hairstyles that inspire our design of wedding hair accessories and we would be happy to advise you according to the bridal hairstyle you have chosen. We are available on the chat to answer all your questions! Contact us now :-)