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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

There are dozens of them! Yes ladies, there are many types of accessories to adorn your beautiful hair. However, when it comes to choosing a hair accessory for your wedding or a special occasion, you don't want to regret your choice. In this article, we'll show you your different options, explain what type of hairstyle they're made for and talk about the pros and cons of each. If you already have an idea for a hairstyle, this information will be very useful when choosing your hair jewelry!


The comb has traveled through many generations. Since the times of our grandmothers, the hair comb has always been an essential piece of the women's outfit to wear on their hair to match their beautiful Sunday gowns.

Still today, it is a very versatile accessory, which adapts very easily to a lot of hairstyles. That's why it is among the most used for your wedding ceremonies. Hair combs are this rigid structures, most often metallic, with fine and tight prongs that will allow the proper placement and stabilization of it on your hair.

The size of the comb plays an important role. It is indeed, what will determine the use and the positioning of this one. A long comb will often be used to be placed at the back of the head, on a low bun for example. Indeed, a large comb being a little heavier, needs a good quantity of hair to remain stable on the hairstyle, that's why a bun is the ideal hairstyle. The medium or small combs can be placed on the side, behind the ear, in the back on a ponytail or on a bun.

A great advantage of the comb is that it is very easy to place and is comfortable to wear. However, we advise you to think about its weight and length to know if it will suit your desired hairstyle.


The special feature of this hair accessory is its metallic U shape. Hair pins or sometimes called bun pins are often smaller hair jewels, compared to combs, which offer a lot of freedom when styling. Their size and shape allows the placement of the pieces separately or next to each other.

These accessories are most often used to adorn a bun, braids or ponytails. If they were fashionable in the times of our grandmothers for their elegant buns, just like the combs, nowadays we find them to be used more and more to accessorize loose hair with twisted strands or half-tails.

A great advantage of these hair accessories is their lightness and small size that makes them very comfortable and versatile. Nevertheless, it is important to take into account the length of the spikes because on a low-volume hairstyle, the bottom of the spikes could be visible.


Alice bands, headbands, crowns, what is the difference? These words seem to refer to very similar accessories. Let us explain the subtle difference.

An Alice band is this rigid structure that goes around your head but remains open. A headband, on the other hand, is flexible and has an elastic band that allows it to fit any head size. The crown or tiara is a type of Alice band that has embossed ornaments and is therefore generally more imposing. The Alice band is often flat while the crown has a high structure.

Now that we understand the difference, we can talk hairstyles! These three categories of accessories are suitable for most hairstyles. Whether it is a headband, an Alice band or a crown, this accessory will perfectly complement a bun, a ponytail, a half-tail or loose hair. A special feature of the headband is that it covers the hair in such a way that it covers the elastic band by wrapping strands around it. This is called the half-covered or covered headband.

These hair accessories are very practical and easy to apply. On the other hand, note that the metal structures of the headbands or crowns can be tight and sometimes become uncomfortable to wear over a long period of time.


The name of this hair accessory may come up less often in bridal hairstyle descriptions, but that doesn't mean it's not used! Hair vines are very adaptable accessories and that's why they are so popular.

To describe it, this hair accessory is characterized by its malleability. It is often made with metallic wires to which flowers, pearls or crystals are added. There are two types of hair vines: those that attach to your hairstyle with clips and those that have small combs at the ends. This type of hair jewelry is designed to fit any hairstyle, to adorn your head or your buns as you wish.

Because of its malleability, the hair vine can be worn on your head as a headband or placed on your bun at the back or on side of your head. It gives you a lot of different hair options to wear proudly and elegantly on your wedding day!


The hair clip is the most practical and most used hair accessory in everyday life. This modern hair accessory is worn from little girls, beautiful and elegant ladies. It is a very feminine accessory that does not require much effort to give a simple hairstyle a refined touch.

There are several types of hair clips. The support and closing system of the hair clip can determine its function on a hairstyle. At Atelier Lilac we work mainly with two types of hair clips, the clip-on hair clip and the French barrette. The clip-on hair clip is a small or medium sized accessory that is often placed on one side of the hairstyle or behind it to style a half ponytail with fine strands. The French barrette, which you open with your index finger and thumb, will allow you to style larger strands of hair, usually at the back of your head.

The advantage of the hair clip is that it is a modern and trendy accessory, that you will be able to wear on the special occasion of your religious or civil wedding as well as for your daily outings. It will become an essential accessory and head jewel in your wardrobe!

If you have any doubts or questions about your hair accessories, we'd be happy to advise you! Feel free to send us a little message and tell us more about your outfit and what you have in mind for your hairstyle :)


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