The new collection of wedding jewelry, a liberation

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

You know that feeling of freedom reencountered on a summer day of end of lockdown? Well, that's the feeling we had when we flew to Seville to shoot our new collection. A collection that we designed during these lockdowns that have paced these past months. This lockdown that allowed us to reconnect with the nature from which we were separated. As we say on our Inspiration page of the 2021 Collection, it is the budding of flowers, the flowers and leaves that point the tip of their nose during spring that inspired us our new designs.

Nostalgic for the nature

With this 2021 collection, we have chosen to highlight the beauty and brilliance of the natural elements that our planet offers us, using natural mother pearls and natural stones and their virtues such as the spiritual opal and the amplifier quartz. You will also find the "something blue" sub-collection, born from these same stones, for the wedding tradition enthusiasts who wish to find their "Something Blue" that will bring happiness and joy to their sacred union.

On the sleek lines of classical and romantic, through enchanting vintage and timeless baroque, time passing by through the styles has been our guiding thread. We have prepared a wide selection of wedding accessories and jewelry for your big day. You will find your happiness among our necklaces, bracelets, back necklaces, earrings but also our hair combs, crowns, hair pins to decorate your hair.

This year, we also introduce jewelry sets for a perfect harmony of your accessories with your wedding dress. You will be able to choose among many designs, the matching accessories that will go best with your dress style and we are obviously at your disposal to advise you in your selection. What's also new this year, is the removable necklaces, real dress jewelry that you can hang on your neckline and remove as you please.

Getaway in Andalusia

It was not difficult to choose our destination for the shooting of this collection. Indeed, being close to Spain and looking for the first rays of the warm sun, Seville called us from the depths of its Andalusia. The beauty of the city we knew well brought back sweet memories of childhood and freedom.

We called upon the talented Ernesto Villalba, local photographer, whom we highly recommend for your wedding photoshoots in the south of Spain. His professionalism and creativity during the photoshoot on the place of the shooting that we had chosen for its magical decor, the breathtaking Plaza de Espana, really impressed us!

It is in good mood and happy atmosphere that we spent this day of shooting, by the side of the hairstylist and make-up artist Sarah K Ceres who helped us to style and sublimate our gorgeous model Anabel Guerrero, while being always with attentive to what look we wished to give to our new accessories and jewels worn for the first time.

We had a magical time following the progress of this first collection inspiration photoshoot and even more to see the result today. We hope that these beautiful pictures will please you and inspire you in the choice of your accessories for your big day in the weeks, months or years to come!

Photography : Ernesto Villalba

Hair & Makeup : Sarah K Ceres

Model : Anabel Guerrero

Accessories & Jewelry : Atelier Lilac