The most beautiful bridal hairstyles for your short hair

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Every year, many of you ask us for advice on how to style and accessorize your short hair. We want you to find the hairstyle of your dreams and an accessory that enhances the beauty of your short haircut. That's why we've searched, scoured the web, asked our friends and family, and gathered the opinions of our brides to write this post. This article aims to inspire and help you in your search for that hairstyle that will make you look radiant on your wedding day.

Of course "short hair" is a very broad term and there are many types of haircuts and styles to consider. Often the question "what hairstyle for my short haircut?" is the most recurring one. Rarely do we find content about this on the internet. However, these haircuts are becoming more and more attractive and ensure a super stylish and modern look. They highlight your facial features, your shoulders and enhance the beauty of your wedding dress necklines.

Garçonne or pixie-cut style

In the case of very short hair like the garçonne or pixie cut, it is on the hair accessories that the emphasis should be placed. If this is your look, we advise you to let yourself be seduced by a headband, an Alice band or a crown. These accessories can be easily slipped into your hair and will ensure an elegant and sophisticated bridal look. Discover our selection of headbands et crowns.

Discover our headbands and crowns selection!

The short Bob cut

This beautiful short cut will allow you to play with the texture of your hair. For a romantic and feminine hairstyle, try waves or braids. Pretty hair jewelry can add a touch of elegance. A barrette or hair clip, for example, will allow you to tie your hair to one side or to the back to style a pretty half ponytail. Scattered hair pins or a small comb will bring delicacy and femininity to your bridal hairstyle. As for the very short haircuts, we recommend you to try the headband or the crown which will offer femininity and delicacy to your wedding outfit.

Here are some ideas of hairstyles and hair accessories you might like!

For this little hair accessory that will make the difference, we offer you:

The square to the shoulders - Blunt Bob

As with short bob hairstyles, shoulder-length bobs also look great with a loose hair style. Half-tails, braids and wavy styles are romantic and elegant options to bring some glamour and finesse to your cut.

A significant advantage of medium-short haircuts is the ability to style your hair up. The bun with short hair, for example, is widely used - just give volume to a few strands and a beautiful fuzzy or twisted bun can be styled. A few bun picks or a hair vine can add a floral or bohemian touch to your haircut to perfectly accessorize your outfit. If you have a short bob cut and dream of a bridal bun, just let your hair grow a little and dare to wear your hair up on your wedding day.

Here are some ideas for loose hair styles for your shoulder-length bob haircut.

Here are some ideas to style your short hair up:

And to enhance and accessorize your wedding chignon we can suggest you:

We hope that this information and these pictures will be useful to you in your search for your dream hairstyle! We are always at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you in making your choice. Don't hesitate to write us a note or ask us a question, we will be happy to help you :-)


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