Planning your wedding on a budget? It's possible! Read our 6 tips to organize it!

Updated: Oct 28

how to organize your wedding on a small budget

Breaking out your wedding's budget can get scary... And all the expenses that add on are sometimes unexpected. We've decided to put down a list of tips to stay within your budget and even save money!

First of all, you need to know that the secret of a low budget wedding is the organization beforehand. Do it well in advance - it's all about timing! By starting your wedding preparations a year and a half or even two years in advance, you will have more choices and opportunities to make good deals.

In this article, you will find our best tips to save money while organizing your wedding!

1. Find the perfect wedding venue

A place specially made for you

One of the first important steps is to find your reception venue, the ideal place that suits you and where you can gather all your guests to celebrate your union. In order to reduce the cost of renting your reception venue, don't hesitate to move away from the big cities and to go for venues in small towns, or even villages. This choice will allow you to find places at lower prices. This option can also lead you to find an atypical place, a place with character - you will spend less in your decoration thanks to the natural charm of the place.

A very innovative and trendy project that can help you a lot on your budget is renting a family house or a large garden. There are now platforms for renting large gardens: and why not a garden with a large pool? Find your happiness on the platform : WePeps :

Get married all year round

The time of year can also guide you to great savings. Everyone knows that peak wedding seasons for weddings is during summer holidays. Therefore, if you decide to get married in winter, you will be able to allocate a little more of your budget to the reception venue. You'll have more options, and the same venue you couldn't afford on a summer day, at half the price! You'll even have advantages on the rest of your expenses: dress, accessories, decorations... endless opportunities!

2. Preparing a meal worthy of a caterer

When we plan our wedding, our thoughts go straight to "catering" for the wedding dinner. However, this is an option that uses a large part of the budget: between food allergies, restrictions and intolerances, don't you think that there is another option? There is! Many alternatives are available and can be adapted to all your guests!

black white wedding food truck

Opt for food-trucks instead of caterers, very trendy and super flexible! You will be able to agree with them to make a menu that can suit all diets and dietary restrictions of your guests.

One option, which is not negligible, is to favor local artisans and producers. You will gain in quality with fresh and seasonal products and you will please your budget.

champagne sparkling wine pink wedding boheme chic

What about drinks? Well, let us give you a little tip for your more festive guests: select a sparkling wine instead of champagne, a good sparkling wine with similar flavors and a similar price. :-)

You will see them dancing on the dance floor by your side until the end of the night, celebrating the newlyweds as the way it should be done.

3. Why not be your own seamstress ?

The choice of your dress for the big day remains an important step for any woman. Nevertheless, it is one of the most expensive expenses of the preparation of your wedding. We propose you a lot of ideas to reduce your expenses while remaining sublime on your big day. Bohemian chic, country, princess, mermaid, whatever your tastes or your theme, we will help you find your happiness!

Crafting is always the best option

groom sewing wedding dress handmade seamstress touching up bare back

An idea that will take you some time to learn but will make you extremely proud on the big day, would be to sew your wedding dress yourself. If you have always been passionate about sewing, now is the time to get started! And don't hesitate to call on your friends and family, you surely have a seamstress who is happy to help you close to you.

Another money-saving tip: choose a ready-to-wear wedding dress and have it altered by a seamstress! You will optimize the cost of assembly and fabric at the dressmaker's while obtaining a dress that will be adapted to your morphology.

The outlet and the sales, the corner of good deals

The best way to save money on your dress is to think about past collections. Plus, wedding dress brands often run promotions on previous seasons' collections, so checking out outlets would be a great shout!

As for your shoes, get a deal during the sales ! Whether it's with a luxury brand or a big brand, you'll be able to find your dream dress at an unbeatable price.

It is also possible to rent your wedding dress, many structures offer weddin